Why all Websites, ESPECIALLY small businesses, need The Iron Jacket™.

You may be thinking; “My Website only gets 30 or so users per month, who would hack ME?”

This is a fatal flaw in today’s modern security environment. The risks of being hacked go well beyond a dedicated attack.

Hackers these days scan huge numbers of Websites. They scan them by the millions, looking for even one with a known exploit. When a vulnerable website is found, no matter how small, they automatically exploit the Website for a number of nefarious purposes. If you are lucky, all they will do is send out spam or scams which can be used to attack other Websites.  However, they can also use your Website to host attacks to directly steal money and implicate you in a criminal act.

But what does it matter to me?” you say.

Consider that if your Website is used to send spam, all of your legitimate email may eventually be marked as spam or even a scam. Law enforcement may get involved if your Website is un-secure and has become a portal for sending out millions of Nigerian type scams. In this case you’ll have to answer some tough questions. See the information regarding FTC vs Wyndham below.

If you have a shopping cart, the situation is even worse.

Consider the case of a client we had recently; the client refused to let us diagnose and secure her Website.  Inevitably, her site was soon hacked and dozens of customers had their identities and money stolen.

Thousands of dollars – VAPORIZED, gone forever because her Website wasn’t secured. The problems didn’t end there. Her credit card processor stopped doing business with her and put her name on a “Black” list. Her online store had to be shut down because she could no longer process credit card payments. Without asking questions, no one would do business with her. Many years of work circled the drain and then vanished.

All this happened because of a hack by a person who had no knowledge of who she was or what her Website represented. The hackers don’t know or care who they hurt in their quest to enrich themselves.

These days, a hacker may never even visit your website to exploit it.

The hack is done remotely and automatically. Anyone can download the software to do this off the internet. Anybody can simply “Google” these things and have free access to them. They don’t even have to be a real hacker because this software is so easy to use. Hundreds of thousands of small, low traffic Websites are compromised this way, sending scams and spam, attacking other websites and stealing personal information. An un-secure Website is an open portal to your network and everything else sacred.

Worse, these scoundrels will even install malware on your Website to distribute to YOUR customers as they unsuspectingly visit you. When that happens, you can say “Goodbye” to your position on Google and other search engines. They will outright remove you from their indexes because your Website is compromised.

The problem is compounded by the fact that now you can’t even pay for legitimate advertising and your “bread and butter” Website is effectively ruined.

No one is safe because of their size or what kind of information is on their Website. If there is a vulnerable crack, hackers will find it and screw you over maliciously and without remorse.


Consider the fact that recent announcements of law suits related to Web Security emphasize the necessity of using “Best Practices” and “Due Diligence” to protect your customers from the harmful aftermath of a hack on your Website. For confirmation of this statement, look at the following link and read page 8.

FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION v. WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE CORPORATION  –  Third Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling Rejecting  Wyndam’s Appeal – dated August 24, 2015.  READ Page 8.  http://www2.ca3.uscourts.gov/opinarch/143514p.pdf

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Every layer of protection you can add makes it harder for hackers and reduces the potential for malevolent and unrecoverable penetration.

Undeniable fact: Adding The Iron Jacket™ to your Website helps comply with the expectation of “Due Diligence” security and protection efforts the FTC and your customers are already  demanding!

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