Web Security Audits

Affordable Web Security Audits are available starting at $600.00.

Although many small business Websites may not be candidates for The IRON JACKET,™ they still need to be using solid security practices. Recent announcements of lawsuits related to Web Security emphasize the necessity of practicing “Due Diligence” to protect your customers from the harmful aftermath of a hack on your Website. For confirmation of this statement, look at the following link and read pages 8 and 9.

FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION v. WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE CORPORATION  –  Pages 8 and 9.    http://www2.ca3.uscourts.gov/opinarch/143514p.pdf

Our basic Security Audit will help you understand the current security status of your Website. Our recommendations will be specific to your needs and in most cases easily implemented with instruction from the consultant.

These audits are performed remotely and securely by our highly skilled security technicians. Most basic audits require approximately 90 to 150 minutes. Beyond that will require additional fees which the technician will be able to discuss with you early in the initial audit. You will be given the information needed to help you decide how much you want to do.

At the conclusion of the audit, you will receive an email detailing the results of the audit and recommended solutions. Implementation of suggested solutions is entirely up to you and in your control. If you need assistance, arrangements can be made for customized help.

Please apply for your affordable, Web Security Audit by going to Contact Us > Consultation Services/Security Audit.  Be sure to include your full name, company name, url, email and phone number.


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