It seems that every day brings new challenges to the world of e-commerce security, but now with the popular idea of becoming a “hacker” with so many misaligned folks, those daily challenges are jumping right into your living rooms. Nothing is sacred and has not been for quite some time.

In early September 2015, during the course of ethical investigation regarding additional utilization of our security technologies, we happened to discover a truly bothersome situation that required a step back and several weeks of further verification. We have notified directly affected manufacturing and sales entities. When we have fulfilled our responsibility to them, we will then fulfill our additional responsibility to inform everyone.

We had no sooner completed our research and issued the first courtesy notifications on Monday the 19th of October 2015, than on the very same day,  MICHAEL CASEY of FOX NEWS released a CYBERCRIME article titled  “Companies need to start making security part of their brands, experts say.” This is an absolute “MUST READ” for everyone that owns and uses a computer – period.

There is a disturbing connection between the content of Mr. Casey’s article and our recent discoveries-  which confirm his pronouncements. Once we have fulfilled our obligation to affected businesses, we will publish that information in generic form at the appropriate time.

Additional information is forthcoming.  Meanwhile, please locate and follow the manufacturers instructions for resetting the password on your modem and your WiFi router.

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