The Cyber Security Giant Slalom Race


By J.R. Hildebrand, CEO

RAIDIAN Global, Inc.   February 21, 2018

As an avid, life–long skier, I have been watching the 2018 Winter Olympics and was particularly taken by the events at the beginning of the Men’s Super G. Prior to the ‘one chance’ race, the competitors had but one opportunity to pre-ski and familiarize themselves with the lengthy and challenging course. Giving it their all, as you would expect them to do at race time, the first two skiers were disqualified after completely missing gates that they could not see until it was too late.

Sometimes in life, unseen ”gates” come and go. Sometimes we see them in time to make corrective action. Other times we miss them. Whether the margins are wide or narrow, a miss is a miss.

There are two correlations here; first, I was approached by a blog reader who took some delight in goading me about the lack of a major hack being reported over the holidays as I had predicted. Sorry my friend, but most of the large hacks we are all aware of occurred many months before they were eventually ‘discovered’ and/or reported. While the unseen gate lingers in the haze, it has not yet been missed.

The second correlation begs the question: Are your cyber security measures strong enough to avoid missing an unforeseen ‘gate?’

As your business spars through the current economic marathon, are you sure you have all the ‘gates’ in sight? Are you ready for the unexpected? You wear your seatbelt, pay the premiums for life, health and auto insurance. Have you done everything you can to protect your business from a crippling or potentially fatal cyber illness?

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