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Unlike other terms and policy statements that use pages and pages of legalese to cloud the hardline truth, we believe you deserve the courtesy of simple, truthful disclosure without needing to take a week off to read it.

The recitations below pertain to all of our products, including but not limited to; The Iron Jacket™ Web Security Software, Secure Hosting Services and The Iron Jacket™ Firewall. This also includes EV-SSL Certificates as acquired through our vendors.

General Recitations

1. THE IRON JACKET™ Web Security Library is entirely proprietary coding. Don’t ask or expect to learn anything about how it functions beyond what we disclose in our advertising. All you need to know is that it works without impeding the function of your Website and that the software is not programmable to spy on you from within.

2. Internet and Web security is like a living organism that is changing every moment. The cyber world is brimming with malcontents, determined to upset the balance of peaceful cyber commerce. While we are engaged in continuous, best efforts monitoring and system upgrades, we acknowledge that such monitoring and threat intervention efforts are not a perfect science. At some point a malicious hack may slip by. With that very remote possibility, our goal is to catch, identify and destroy as quickly as systems allow. We do not guarantee anything beyond our reasonable best efforts.

3. We do not control subscriber Websites, their administrators or their users, so therefore we will not be responsible or liable for inappropriate use and/or lapses in security protocol resulting in a hack. THE IRON JACKET™ is NOT a replacement fix for lax or irresponsible administrative security planning and implementation. 

4. This software is not to be installed and maintained by anyone other than our technicians. IT managers will be trained to monitor the system in their care. All installations include monitoring and maintenance on a basic level. Websites hosted on The Iron Jacket™ Hosting Service already have monitoring and maintenance included. Large, customized applications will have extended and separate monitoring and maintenance agreements added. Regardless, all applicants will require a Cyber Security Audit which includes a “Best Practices” Evaluation and Consultation prior to the installation.

5. THE IRON JACKET reserves the right to refuse or withdraw service from users deemed as high risk, inappropriate, illegal in any fashion or as a potential National Security threat. If your Website is utilized to facilitate any of the above-mentioned illicit activities, DO NOT waste our time with an application for service. We are not a shelter for crime or inappropriate content of any kind.

Purchase and Installation of Services

6. Cyber Security Audits and Consultations must be paid in full and in advance. There are no refunds.

7. The subscribers signed application will become a permanent part of the subscription agreement when it is executed.

8. Annual Subscriptions for The Iron Jacket™, IJ Hosting Services, Iron Jacket™ Firewall and ordered add-ons will be secured under a 24 month or 36 month agreement. The first 90 days must be paid in full prior to the installation and activation of software. Thereafter, subscriptions will be invoiced and payable monthly. All fees are subject to change without notice.  

9. Each security software unit is individually identified with a specific Key. Subscribers accept responsibility to secure and protect their IRON JACKET KEY. Note: If your KEY is used to attempt an unauthorized installation on a Website not included in the original registration, IRON JACKET™ will be immediately and entirely disabled. This dramatic extraction of the software will possibly cause severe damage to the Websites and servers involved. In this instance, service will be immediately cancelled without recourse.

Growth Upgrades and Fees.

10. We expect user Websites to grow with their business. As soon as you realize your coverage may need upsizing, please call us to arrange for the necessary upgrades. Also, as a fail-safe, we monitor CPU’s and bandwidth usage on our accounts and we will be alerted when individual systems are pushing the envelope of the permitted usage. At that time we will contact you to initiate immediate upgrade. Similarly, reduced business activity will be re-evaluated for changes at the end of their annual cycle. We will not be responsible if your IRON JACKET™ product fails to function when an upgrade is needed and ignored. Upgrades will start a new annual cycle on the date of the upgrade. The unused balance of the original subscription purchase will be applied to the new balance due. Some upgrades may require payment of an advance upgrade fee. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Cancellations and Refunds

11. Subscribers may cancel service at any time. A full refund will be returned if the cancellation occurs within the first 30 days of service and a written notice is certified as received by us before the end of the first 30 days. After 30 days the refund will be prorated against total time of service already used from the first day, less a 40% setup/removal fee assessed against the full value of the subscription agreement.

Renewals and Non Payment of Renewal

12. All subscriptions, standard or custom, will be automatically renewed annually. We will do this using the payment information on file 14 days prior to the expiration date in an effort to maintain service without interruption. Thirty days prior to expiration and 16 days before billing is processed, subscribers will be notified of pending renewal via the email posted in the owner’s registration information. Subscribers bear the responsibility to make sure their payment and contact information is updated and correct. Given the 30-day renewal notice, there is no grace period following the expiration date. If an account is allowed to expire, the KEY for that system is destroyed. To resume IRON JACKET ™ coverage, a new subscription must be purchased and current rates will apply.

EV SSL Certificates 

13. These certificates are currently provided through Comodo, Inc.  Our basic 24 month package includes an additional 3 months of coverage in addition to installation and any maintenance.  Advantages you get from Comodo EV SSL: GREEN ADDRESS BAR provides immediate trust and helps customer conversion and boosted consumer confidence  exclusive to EV SSL. 2048-bit, highest assurance SSL Certificate, with 99.9% Browser Recognition. This EV SSL protects your customers from phishing attacks. This purchase also includes the Comodo TrustLogo and $1,750,000 relying party warranty. Obtaining an Extended Validation SSL Certificate requires full organization validation which ensures the GREEN address bar is associated with only the most trusted companies. The purchaser of this certificate offer hereby agrees to the Terms and Conditions as posted on the respective Websites of both Comodo, Inc. and The Iron Jacket,™ LLC. Comodo EV-SSL Term & Conditions. Purchaser further agrees to cooperate with certificate validators as required. Failure to comply or provide complete and truthful information may result in cancellation and forfeiture of fees.


14. The privacy of our customers is paramount. Our employees are screened and trained accordingly. When you purchase a subscription, your information is stored securely within our own super–protected vault. We only have access to certain information needed to contact you and to manage your account to full functionality. No one else has access to your identity or your registration information.

System Identification

15. As part of a passive deterrent program, we will maintain a published list of Websites protected by THE IRON JACKET™. To participate and take advantage of this, the subscriber must agree in a separate document to place our Logo and the notice “This site is protected by THE IRON JACKET™” on the footer of its Web pages in addition to being shown on our public list of protected sites. Subscribers who post the Logo and Protection Notification on their Website are required to immediately remove those items should their subscription not renew. Violations or unauthorized use of our Logo and or the Protection Notice will be subject to legal repercussions.

Discharge of Liability

16. In consideration of the forgoing, The IRON JACKET, LLC and its assigns shall not be responsible or held liable in any way, shape or form for any damages from breach or failure, misuse or any other issue.


17. This Terms of Use and Privacy Agreement is deemed as entered into in the State of Colorado and governed by the laws thereof.

Questions or Concerns

18. Questions and/or concerns must be sent in writing with the writer’s full name, address, state and zip, telephone and email included. Use the Contact page and select the appropriate subject matter to send your message. We take all communication very seriously and we will respond quickly, usually within an hour or two.


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