Because each Website application is varied by CPU and Bandwidth usage, we are currently manually configuring each installation. This is not as labor intensive as one might expect and currently provides the best means by which to assure the correct installation. We think you will be pleased to find your customized application estimate to be quite competitively priced, and a bargain for what you are getting.  We will provide you with a written, contracted price from your initial cyber-security audit and consultation, which will be based on the size of your business and its’ specific needs. When you sign up, you will be receiving a private, toll-free phone number to the best technical and customer support anyone can offer – 24/7.

Most Websites can be protected against intrusion and possible disruption of service for an affordable fee that is rather inexpensive considering the possible alternatives.  Fees are determined by CPU’s, Bandwidth and several other factors as we customize your IRON JACKET™ Security Suite.

Another effective and affordable solution for small business,                 IJ Hosting and Shared Hosting, was launched in October, 2015. Now, many businesses can take advantage of The Iron Jacket™ without the hassle of migration or changes in the way they manage their Websites, just like larger businesses that have their own VPS or Dedicated Server.  Apply Now  /  Sales and New Subscriptions

The Iron Jacket™ Firewall will make its debut soon.  Pricing will be addressed as described above for The Iron Jacket™.  In addition, we will be offering bundles that include varied combinations of all services including My Orange Connection™.  My Orange Connection™ is our HIPAA secure file-sharing application.

We have assistance programs for qualified non-profit 501(c)3 service providers. Use the application procedures shown below and include a cover letter on your letterhead. We will contact you.

During this phase of product launch, we are accepting application requests.  Actual sales are by invitation only and after careful review of applications submitted. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

To be considered for our unique Cyber Security Audit and  installation of THE IRON JACKET™ on your site, please use the button below to send us your contact information.  An agent will call you at the time requested to begin the application process. Sorry, but we  are only serving domestic U.S. clients at this time.


Apply Now  /  Sales and New Subscriptions

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