For the latest in high security document transfer, we offer the IRON DOCS™ exclusive browser side encryption.

In most encryption schemes, the file will eventually be sent over the Internet to the server for later encryption. Likewise, the unencrypted file must also be sent back to you. Further, in order for the server to process your request, it must have the password, in clear text, to decrypt the file before sending it back to you.
This problem can be somewhat mitigated with SSL transport layer security. However, the basic idea of sending an unencrypted file together with its password defeats the SSL and leaves the door wide open to security threats of all kinds.

In simple terms, this is how personal data and credit card breaches happen. Even though the data is encrypted on the server and encrypted in transport, the same flaw between sender and receiver ALWAYS applies. This condition is an open invitation for hackers.

For your consideration, we have two ultra secure alternatives.

Our system encrypts the file within your browser on your own computer and then sends only the encrypted file to the server to be forwarded to the receiver. The password is never sent over the Internet and resides safely in your browser the entire time.

NO one, not even the owners of the servers, are able to decrypt the file without your password!



PadCipher Encryption

When absolutely total security is needed, PadCipher encryption is the strongest encryption in the world.

A PadCipher cannot be cracked. It’s impossible. No amount of computing power, mathematical genius, or force can break it. It is mathematically impossible to crack.

By using the same server side technologies adapted to the PadCipher, we can get the benefits of browser side encryption, and the security of a PadCipher.

PadCipher generates the pad, encrypts and decrypts all in the browser with no plugins, executables, or downloads. No data is ever sent to the server at any time.

PadCipher does not use a password. Instead it uses a key file. The key file is equal to or greater than the length of the file being encrypted. Both the key file and encrypted file are needed to decrypt the message.




HIPPA Compliant Web Security.

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