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Web Security Issues

Web Security Issues can be death to a site – here’s how the IRON JACKET™ security suite works:

WARNING!  Hackers have you in their sights!

If you are a successful business operator and you don’t care about
the security of your business and the impact a breach would have
on your customers, and ultimately your bottom line,
then stop reading now and save your time.


if you want to protect your business
by protecting your customers,
then you must read this…


In the past several years, hundreds of large businesses and thousands of small businesses around the world were breached by hackers, negatively affecting the security of data for over one billion customers.  In 2015, the hack-a-thon marched onward nearly unabated. From government departments to small businesses, the violations have been indiscriminate.  The personal data of multiple millions of individuals has been compromised.  Now, 2016 has already brought news that hackers have set their sites on medical records and retailers. Read Ellen Chang’s report in “The Street” here: Hackers Set to Target Medical Records and Retailers in 2016.

How safe is your business?

To get an idea of how extensive the Web Security issue is, visit the “Information Is Beautiful ” Website of London-based David McCandless. If the chart on the following link doesn’t scare you, nothing will. Remember, what you see there is not in real-time and the problem is growing daily!

Tensions are high and consumers are rightfully worried. It is only a matter of “when”, not “if” your business will be added to the statistics.

No one has been safe…  UNTIL NOW!

THE IRON JACKET™ Web Security Library was conceived for use in the film industry a few years ago,  before all this craziness of hacker breaching started to explode. For nearly two years we have been working almost 24/7 to bring THE IRON JACKET™ to completion and marketability.


Without the IRON JACKET…™
Websites are  utilizing a variety of standardized, off-the shelf anti-virus and malware firewalls as single source protection. In this mode they are subject to increasing vulnerability for Hacking, Spy-Bot and Malware exploitation. As we have become painfully aware, this is now costing businesses and consumers billions of dollars annually.


With THE IRON JACKET,™ your firewalled  Website is further isolated and fully secured with Passive and Dynamic, Triple Threat Protection. With THE IRON JACKET™ your Website will meet and exceed HIPAA requirements for security utilizing Military grade, 256 bit cascading encryption. In addition, administrative risk alerts with identification and tracking using our GSR Application are generated. THE IRON JACKET™ works within existing firewalls; it is NOT a replacement for existing firewall protection and/or a cover for cavalier security practices.

THE IRON JACKET ™ – Web Security Library

Blocks and destroys DDoS attempts !
 A PHP library built for the total security of PHP and MySQL.

The fully featured IRON JACKET™ SECURITY LIBRARY includes:

  • Password Generation
  • Exceeds Military standard encryption
  • Improved hashing
  • Pad cypher integration
  • XSS protection
  • CSRF protection
  • SQL Injection protection
  • Command injection protection
  • LFI protection
  • RFI protection
  • Strong session management
  • XML Injection protection
  • CRLF Injection protection
  • Intrusion/attempted intrusion detection via GSR Application
  • “HONEY JAR” Dynamic Intrusion Responder
  • Dynamic “MEDUSA” Spy-Bot Assassin

THE IRON JACKET™ WEB SECURITY LIBRARY contains helper functions and settings management to secure any PHP/MySQL  Web application.

THE IRON JACKET™ WEB SECURITY LIBRARY is a proprietary, annual subscription service which includes live, English-speaking support 24/7.

Pricing is based on CPU and Bandwidth requirements, with no upper or lower end limits.

Installation is quick and smooth, with no visible or performance variance on the function of the Website being upgraded.

Installed software is monitored 24/7 by a variety of secure arrangements.

Continual testing of THE IRON JACKET™ since July of  2014 has proven effective security with thousands of documented hack attempts and zero penetrations.

Undeniable fact:

Adding The Iron Jacket™ to your Website helps comply with the    expectation of “Best Practices” and “Due Diligence” Web Security and protection efforts your customers are already demanding! Your Iron Jacket™ subscription is also rapidly becoming a necessity to help limit your legal liabilities.


For more information, including a report showing results of our public testing, employment opportunities and service subscriptions, please send a written request to  CONTACT US   / Sales and New Subscriptions.

The Only Thing Necessary for Hackers to Triumph…

Is For You To Be Without THE IRON JACKET™!

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“We ERASE Hackers!”

HIPAA Compliant Web Page Security.

Patents Pending     

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