The world is driven by the simple fact:

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

As Internet use was burgeoning in all aspects of business and personal life, pirating and industrial electronic espionage were developing and running amuck at an even faster, nearly unchecked pace. Add malicious hacking to the mix and the Internet became a dangerous place to venture.

Early in 2011, after searching the open market and not finding the simple and secure file sharing software suitable for use in our film production business, our founders decided we needed to grab the bull by the horns and design our own software.

As our file sharing/holding locker “My Orange Connection”™ evolved, the unique security library designed to protect it has blossomed to become our current leading product. This security library is an original coding experiment, amalgamating through years of transformations to become THE IRON JACKET ™ and its Suite of Web Security Applications.

As these software experiments were becoming viable and functional, we quickly recognized that these products have much broader application and usefulness beyond the film industry.

Then the recent Web-hacking, episodic nightmare hit.

Considering the growing and crushing need for our unique Web Security, we have been working nearly 24/7 to bring this software to market. These products now have their own branded identity for introduction to individuals and businesses that need these services.

THE IRON JACKET™ Web Security Library has been repeatedly and successfully tested.  A detailed report documenting thousands of repelled hack attempts is available within our IRON DOC’S™ application. To request a limited access code please use the CONTACT US  page. Deep Web testing continues on a quarterly basis.


THE IRON JACKET™ is now successfully active on several Websites and we are taking applications for immediate subscription deployment.  To be considered for subscription,  Apply Now  /  Sales and New Subscriptions

 My Orange Connection has completed  comprehensive  Alpha Phase Development and is currently in limited Beta Phase.


” All business proceeds on belief, or judgments of probabilities, and not on certainties”  Charles W, Elliot    

With that in mind we are driven by the simple question “What if…?”


HIPAA Compliant Web Security.

Patents Pending     

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