Good Web Security Begins With YOU!

Good Web Security begins with YOU!

Are you an employee? If so, do you leave your house unlocked, or even the doors and windows open when you head for the office? Of course not! Being the smart person that you are, your home is  locked up tight and perhaps even protected by a security service. So why then do you jeopardize your workplace and expose your employer to all kinds of costly mayhem with sloppy Internet surfing habits on your office desktop? If the company IT department has not choked down your browsing privileges, do you not owe it to the company, and yourself, to practice some integrity and refrain from leaving “doors and windows” open to potential thieves? Losses due to interrupted productivity and compromised information can substantially affect the company revenue position, to the point its managers do not have the money for raises, or even for keeping you employed. Smart employees selfishly protect their workplace as well as they do their own homes. Lest a disgruntled employee feels that leaving the company network exposed would be a good way to even a bad score with an employer, think again. Cyber forensic teams can track you down, document all of your keystrokes and provide the employer with enough information to pursue both criminal and civil charges. If you are unhappy, do your self-esteem a favor and find another job.

Are you an employer? If so, do you set the example and apply the same standards you expect your employees to follow? Using a personal laptop in your office for non-business Internet use and communication is the most ethical and secure way to set that example. Further, consider making your example attainable by your employees. Every office has used equipment. If not, it is easily attainable. Have your IT department set up a separate wired Internet access on a few old desktop units in a quiet room your employees can use during breaks. A separate Wi-Fi for employees and guests who have their own devices should also be a standard service. With these tools in place, there is no excuse for employees to use their company desktops for anything other than non-compromising work. The best office set-ups that we have observed also have locking desk drawers or lockers where employees are required to store their personal smartphones, tablets and laptops during assigned shift hours.

The bottom line; an adaptive, high integrity workplace is a happy, productive and secure workplace.

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