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“We ERASE Hackers!

HIPAA Compliant Web Security Suite

Blocks DDoS with                                        Threat Protection that fights back.

             The ANNIHILATION OF HACKERS has launched;

To add your company to our invitation list and to speak                         with a member of our team about how we can help you add               THE IRON JACKET™ Security Software to your Website,                 please notify us at our Contact Us Page. Be sure to include                    your name, phone number and the best time to call.

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THE IRON JACKET™ is a unique Web Security Library Suite        that is:

  •  Customizable to fit any Web application. Works with your existing firewall or as the cornerstone of our new, IJ Firewall.
  •  Designed to provide any size subscriber with an extra, impenetrable HIPAA compliant security jacket that will alert your Webmaster anytime an attempt is made to hack your site. Data going in and out is military grade cascading 256-bit encryption.  Read our FAQs
  •  Subscribers have access to 24/7 domestic technical support. Our goal is to have the tech support center staffed by military veterans as much as possible. Denver area Veterans with high level computer skills are invited to send a resume at the Employment Page.

Patents Pending    

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